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24-Nov-2017 22:28

She gives me about gas money per day, but I don’t need the money and I’ve realized that I would rather just drive by myself.

We have also hung out a few times, so now she views us as friends and I think she will be hurt if I say I’d rather drive alone or “just don’t want to” take her to her appointments during lunch.

More beautiful than she realizes, Lisa stands a medium height with a petite figure, the result of regular exercise and healthy diet.

She sports firm, C-cup breasts, a cute, round butt, and soft, brunette hair reaching slightly past her shoulders.

someone else’s very good reason/hardship for needing me to do it.

Plus these situations tend to happen when I am in the early stages of friendship with someone — “friends” enough that they will be hurt that I don’t eagerly want to help them, but early enough that the truth is I actually don’t have this burning desire to do whatever it is they’re asking for.

It has been a long day and Lisa looks forward to returning home and starting the weekend even though her husband, Doug, is on deployment in Afghanistan and she will be alone.

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I’ve realized that I function better when I have some time alone in the car to think at the start and the end of the day.” * Or the vaguer option: “I’m not going to be able to keep driving you to and from work after Monday so wanted to let you know in time for you to make other plans.” Then if pressed about why: “I’m finding it makes it hard for me to do things before or after work without planning it ahead of time.” Then there’s the lunch stuff.For those, it might be easier to just field those as they come up, since presumably she doesn’t have daily doctor’s appointments.

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