Dating buisy with kids

24-Nov-2017 15:39

I have the same issue I get very nervous when i'm driving somewhere new and or at night.

When driving to work or places i go on a regular basis my anxiety is about a 1 or 2 depending on excess traffic.

Finally I forced myself to drive so that I could go back to work.

The strangest thing is, I used to have anxiety all the time...couldn't go to the mall, or restaurants, etc.

What helps me is i do the following 3 things if I am able to. I always google map any new location because they show a picture of most of the directions 2.

I will try to get the person i am driving to or ask a friend to drive there for me the first time so i can see how bad i'm making the drive to be in my mind 3.

Just knowing there's a slight chance of snow will throw off my whole day and cause me to panic even before I get in my car!

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It's getting to the point where I'm afraid one day that I won't be able to even get into the thing.

I think these attacks were my body's reaction to built up stresses over a long period of time. I suffer from constant facial tension and have tried every relaxation technique to lessen it. Although I feel tense each day-worrying about future tasks and trying to balance home and work - it heightens considerable when I'm drving. I Have often thought about how when a woman is young and has a baby, our senses are amplified, and what if, that signal does not turn off. My Doctor put me on topamax and in days of starting a low dose I noticed the background was less and I drove more confident.