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Brass, nickel, and silver metals are used to make the knives' other component parts. This practice arose from the unique tang stamp dating systems employed by the company beginning in the late 19th century.Today's Case Collectors Club is made up of 18,000 members.The Hobo When the Hobo (54HB) is closed, it resembles a regular Trapper.The handle splits apart revealing a separate knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener.

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The company's namesake, William Russell Case, first made knives with his brothers under the name, Case Brothers Cutlery Company. The company’s roots extend back to 1889, when the Case brothers – William Russell (W.

The list of Case knife patterns has remained fairly consistent throughout its history, although a number of new Case designs have been patented in recent years.

Some of these include: The Slim Lock, Tiny Trapper, Baby Doc, Copper Lock, Russ Lock, Baby Butterbean, Cheetah, Cheetah Cub, Hobo, Sod Buster, Mako, Mini-Blackhorn and XX-Changer.

This pattern was retired to the Case XX Vault in July 2008.

The Slim Lock The Slim Lock was originally produced in 2005 as a tribute to John Russell Case.

His son, John Russell ("Russ") Case, worked as a salesman for his father's company before founding W. R.), Jean, John and Andrew Case, formerly of the Cattaraugus Cutlery Company – began selling cutlery from the back of a wagon in various small western New York villages. By the time the company moved to Pennsylvania in 1905, the four Case brothers had established their brands.