Facetime for adult video chat

10-Aug-2017 16:23

All you have to do is fill out our online form HERE with a short video (on your phone is fine. We’re just looking for people who are happy to share their real stories with us!1-2mins) of you describing three personal stories you share with your one special person (e.g. Have a look at our application form for easy examples/inspiration! Best wishes, Team ETx 27th June 2017 (No longer accepting submissions) We are looking for PREGNANT FRENCH and GERMAN MUMS from anywhere in Europe for a really lovely online film.

Please email the following to [email protected]: Do you have a lot of personal jokes, funny stories or cute memories with someone special (other than your partner) in your life?!

In addition to having a close relationship with one another, as the videos will be shown in different countries - both applicants must belong to one of the nationalities / must be native language speakers (have relevant accents): British (Native English speakers w/ British accent)Australian (Native English speakers w/ Australian accent)Spanish (Native Spanish speakers)French (Native French speakers)German (Native German speakers)Italian (Native Italian speakers) Each duo will be needed for one 3-4h shoot day between 8th & 10th December 2017 in London and will be paid £200 per duo for their time. We’re just looking for people with close relationships happy to answer fun questions on camera!

To apply please: Click here to submit yourselves(This involves filling out a quick online form and submitting an informal video of both applicants together.) IF CREATING A VIDEO IS TOO MUCH HASSLE WE CAN ORGANISE TO SKYPE YOU. Best wishes, Team ET x Successful candidates will be paid £100 for their video to be used internally within the advertising agency.

You (or somebody who attended the event) MUST have video footage of you/them giving a poorly delivered speech!

Everyone has gone through this at some point and we’re looking for a person who would like an amazing opportunity to re-do a speech that wasn’t quite up to scratch the first time.

All you have to do is fill out our online form HERE with a video of your fun household doing this:(NB: If you don't have time to video yourselves, don't worry! Best wishes, Team ET x 10th July 2017 (No longer accepting submissions) We are looking for UK based people who have ever given a speech at a special and most likely personal event.