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18-Oct-2017 01:26

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During his last edition of Real Time, which aired two weeks ago, the outspoken political satirist addressed The New York Times’s report that Fox News superstar Bill O’Reilly and the network had settled sexual harassment suits from five different women for million.“I mean, all these women, their stories vary a little bit,” said Maher. I mean, whether he’s offering you a job or threatening the one you have, it’s never worth it to fuck Bill O’Reilly.”This week, after The O’Reilly Factor host was effectively fired from Fox News for his numerous alleged indiscretions—receiving a reported million golden parachute on his way out the door, or nearly twice as much as his alleged victims received—Maher addressed the controversy on his HBO program.“I know what you really want me to talk about: Bill O’Reilly,” said a grinning Maher. My question: how is the Craftmatic adjustable bed company supposed to reach its customers now?

“The one constant is: no one wants to fuck Bill O’Reilly. ”While Tucker Carlson, who is perhaps most famous for wearing bow ties in a past life and being served by Jon Stewart on national television, is taking over O’Reilly’s time slot, the biggest star on Fox News following the exits of O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, and Gretchen Carlson (along with ex-honcho/accused serial sexual predator Roger Ailes) is Sean Hannity.

“I feel like there is a tragic element to Bill O’Reilly where he… “Just either a carrot or a stick as opposed to just: how about talking to a woman?

couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a million-dollar bill.

She has been a great addition to the franchise."Reports circulated earlier today noting that Hasselbeck was offered a new contract with Fox News, who was allegedly begging her to stay. News that "she was not offered a new contract," and "there certainly was no begging."Publicly, Hasselbeck has had nothing but the nicest things to say about her colleagues at Fox News."[They] are so funny and interesting and wise and smart and they take such good care of me! Prior to her daily appearances on the network, Hasselbeck spent 10 years at ABC as a co-host on before stepping down in July 2013.

reunion on Tuesday, getting (most of) the group back together after years away from their Comedy Central roots.The reunion ended with the group thanking and applauding Stewart for giving them their first real break and setting up their careers.

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