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She's definitely my ultimate fantasy albeit I'm not obsessed, I do wank about other women and have the occasional sexual encounter with my wife.

I've done all sorts of things to embellish my mother-fetish, mostly quite tame again I'm afraid: I've made good quality fake photo's putting her head on pictures of various nude women of ages matching the age she was in her photo - her 20's, 40's and 70's - and wanked myself sore over them; I've swapped those fakes with blokes on the internet; I've posed as Mum in internet chat rooms, having cyber-sex with other men believing me to be an elderly widow (I'm not remotely gay (although I'm not against it), however in my experience there are few real women in those places and I can quite happily get off by doing this, getting really horny when I know others are cumming about my Mum - even watching them on a webcam ejaculate about her or in tributed pictures they email me, her face covered in their spunk); when I've been lucky I've had some role play in chat rooms with people pretending to be Mum for me so I can have cybersex with "her" (quite ridiculous really - she'd have no idea how to even switch on a computer and, of course, the people I chat to don't know her so can't behave as she would - but I've made do, better than nothing); I occasionally get access to her knickers, stockings or tights and borrow those to supplement my fantasies, cumming in the damp gusset or the salty nylon foot, all the better when unwashed of course, although I can't bring myself to suck or sniff them, I simply prefer the idea of them having been worn by her, and like to mix my juices with hers, just getting an occasional feint whiff of her cunt or feet rather than a full-on blast; I've cum in her face cream, her toothbrush, her freshly-laundered knickers - that way I get the thrill of knowing she's had my spunk in her mouth or against her pussy lips.

I told her she'd worn well for her age - bluntly she hadn't worn at all well but it sort of tied in with the rest of what I was saying so there seemed no harm in saying it.

These revelations happened a few times and she would take it all in a totally-matter-of-fact way, not raising an eyebrow, just making motherly noises like "I expect most boys go through that." and so on (I bet they don't! I wasn't surprised by her relaxed attitude but I don't really know what I'd hoped to achieve by saying any of this to her - probably nothing, just pushing the boundaries as it were, finding limits.

Anyway, it passed and conversations like that stopped for years but I carried on tossing myself off about various scenarios involving her and unlike other women about whom I wank the thrill has never worn off.

I'm now in my early 50's and she's nearly 76, that bit more decrepit and worn out but I still would love to fill her full of me.

For reasons too long to go into here (and of no interest) I knew her to be almost entirely disinterested in sex - my father went short for years.

) and how I'd masturbated about her as part of my growing-up (in fact I said ". But it was all untrue, I'd done none of those things.As to the turn-off, I guess it was just that she was my mother and I her son, so why would I feel anything other than that?It was the "correct "order of things, the way things "ought" to be and I was an inexperienced kid with plenty of other new stuff to explore sexually.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.

Nothing came of it - I hadn't expected anything to.

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