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It gives hope to a lot of would be screenwriters that all it takes is the right person reading your script and possibly liking it to get something pushed forward. Out of all the movies he’s done this is Damon’s favorite.

His full-length novels include such titles as the “Of Light and Shadows” series, the “Sanu’te’ Chronicles” and the riveting thriller “Phonebook”. The screenplays he’s shared to date are “Unbound”, “Witness”, “Common Ground”, and “Don’t Stop”.

He currently works as a freelance writer and also works as a part-time screenwriter. #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 h4 #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 p #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .regular-text #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .submit #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .thanks #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .error #wp-subscribe.wp-subscribe-1 .

Maybe they counted it as advanced research to make their roles more believable. The director was almost completely against Minnie Driver taking the part of Skylar on account of he believed she wasn’t pretty enough.

But Affleck and Damon gave him the business until he relented. The name of the company that Affleck interviews for in lieu of Damon is called Holden & Mc Neil. That just seemed kind of funny really, like something that Affleck and Damon would put in there just for laughs. The script for this movie started as a school assignment.

(Raises hand) Tom has written several articles pertaining to TV and films throughout the course of his career.

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