Online dating scams brazil

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However, on their wedding day, Jade reveals that Esmeralda is a scam.

The two are arrested and Matías starts dating the deputy who arrested him, Marcela Parodi.

Violetta Castillo is a teenage girl who is unaware of her very special talent for singing.

She inherited this talent from her mom (Maria), a famous singer who died in a car accident.

Jade does everything to marry Germán because she loves him truly, but Matias, her older brother, wants her to marry Germán because of his money because he got broke.

Violetta has never agreed with this and always argues with Jade.

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Naty, Ludmila's best friend, and Maxi,also split up at first, but come back in full force.Violetta falls in love with Thomas (Pablo Espinosa) but Francesca (Lodovica Comello), her new best friend, already liked him.Ludmila (Mercedes Lambre), the richest and most arrogant girl Studio 21, also falls in love with Thomas, angering Leon (Jorge Blanco), her old boyfriend. Leon got furious and, to teach Ludmilla and Thomas a lesson, he decides to date Violetta.Later, Jade discovers that Violetta's secretly studying music in Studio 21, and makes Machiavellian dealings with her: if she encourages Jade's marriage to Germán, she won't tell Violetta's secret to Germán.

In the end, Germán discovers that Violetta studies in the Studio and that Angie is actually her aunt and who always helped and covered for Violetta all along.Contrary to his plans, he begins falling in love with Violetta and she starts to fall in love with Leon, which irritates Thomas and Ludmila, who are just beginning to date.