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Phaedra basically told her to chill and Kenya ended up sleeping over — a small victory.The next day, Kenya gave a lecture to the campers about chasing your dreams and recounted her glory days as Miss America.

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You know, you start to say 'no' because you think you're protecting yourself, but really, you're stopping some of the blessings that could happen."All of this time with Todd not looking for a job, I don’t find it cute at all," she explained. As Porsha continued to press him about the work situation, Todd got mad and said she worked all the time. Porsha's Anger Management Might Not Be Working Phaedra got everyone together for lunch.Sheree Whitfield (who had been busy getting courted by ex-husband Bob), Cynthia Bailey (who had temporarily moved in with Kandi Burruss), Kandi (who couldn't wait for Cynthia to get out of her house), Kenya and Porsha all showed up."I think we could have a great, healthy friendship again," Kenya predicted to the camera. Porsha Is So Over Todd Back at home, Porsha blacked out and almost had a seizure at a nail salon.

Apparently this had happened to her before, and doctors said it was a condition exacerbated by stress.Porsha got really mad, announced she was going on a trip by herself and stormed out. Phaedra denied it, though video footage proved she did, indeed, say that.

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