Racial patterns of dating

27-Jun-2017 22:00

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The United States is a rapidly diversifying country with ethnic minorities comprising over a quarter of the US population.

By the year 2050, over half of the United States will be ethnic minority, underscoring the importance of better understanding race relations and willingness to date intra- and inter-racially.

In her article, Jenny discusses some data released from a Facebook-based dating app that figures out which people are interested in which other people on some sexual or romantic level.

The data is labeled “unfortunate” in some respects, because there appear to be winners and losers, and those winners and losers seem to break down along racial lines.

In terms of the lowest response rate, women appeared to shun black men, whereas men tended to shun black women. Jenny, using what I can only assume is that same “high-powered sociological lens” I’ve encountered before, concludes that this clearly demonstrates that race matters, and serves to counter accusations that we are living in a color-blind, post-racial world.

As Jenny puts it we “fetishize Asian women while devaluing blacks”.

Finally, if I were to state that, “I have no interest in dating a man”, I would receive very little, if any, condemnation for it, even from those who advocate strongly for gay rights.

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In fact, she doesn’t seem to offer any explanation whatsoever for these patterns of responses.This does not mean, however, that men (or women) “devalue” other men (or women).