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05-Jun-2017 03:39

In a declaration she filed in the divorce case, Raquel stated that her son got in trouble at school for talking about “naked girls and sex.” When Raquel asked him where he got the information, he said he got it from TV “at Daddy’s house.” Raquel found out from the other kids that after a certain hour, “porn comes on the TV at Dad’s house.” Leah tried to destroy Angelo’s ex-wife as she always does with her imagined “opponents”.Raquel was not the only ex-wife Leah tried to destroy.

She needs to stop blaming the Church and others for her unhappiness and setbacks in life.

Her reality show “Aftermath” is really “Leah Remini: After Money.” It is nothing more than a scripted, rehearsed, acted and dramatized work of fiction.

The production company has been forced to admit it pays Remini and her sidekick, Mike Rinder—someone the Church expelled a decade ago for severe malfeasance and a self-admitted propensity to lie.

Apparently, Leah Remini’s hate and bigotry deserves payments, however, at least according to her production company partners Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman.

Hey, they even hired Myles Reiff as showrunner, plucking him from This Is Just a Test—the production company that produced Sadly, Remini has continuously harassed and maligned her former religion, which she herself admits provided her help and support for most of her life.

Like the other fixated anti-Scientologists she conspires with, Remini was expelled from the Church years ago for unethical conduct.

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“Once the allegations were brought forward, LCS immediately put in place the necessary resources to support the victims and the independent third-party investigation it initiated,” Lakefield says.… continue reading »

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