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He was educated in Tiraspol and at Odessa University.

At 25 years of age, he was one of the heads of the Skoptsy, a sect of Castrati or eunuchs, who were referred to in English-language newspapers as "The Shorn".

Within the space of two weeks, five more victims were found butchered in the arrondissement of the Pantheon, between the Boulevard St. Their money, purses, jewels, etc., were intact in all cases.

Vasiliev was caught red-handed when a streetwalker he attempted to kill in the Rue de Lyon cried out for help.

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According to some reports, he was later sent to Russia where he spent 16 years in an asylum at Tiraspol; according to other sources, he remained in the asylum in France.

Two months later he caught up with her in the same place where he had seen her for the first time the Rue Richelieu and stabbed her in the back.

Two days after Madeleine's death, he murdered another prostitute in a quiet street of the Faubourg St. Three days later another was found, wallowing in blood, with the same wounds, in the Quartier Mouffet-arde.

For a couple of months he rented lodgings in the Rue Mouffetarde.

In the daytime he worked away amid piles of books and when night came went out into the streets to wander about until dawn, calling on streetwalkers to repent and join the Skoptsy.

In the mid-1860s there were two educational institutions in town preparing students to enter university: the Tiraspol Secondary School and the Tiraspol Orthodox Spiritual School.